IPTV Premium 4K – Elevate Your Viewing Experience

VLC Player.

Option 1

Download VLC to your computer from google. (here https://www.videolan.org/index.sv.html)

2. you will receive a link from us (m3u) which we will send to your email.

3. Click on the link you received from us by email, download the m3u file.

4. Open the m3u file in VLC and all channels will be loaded automatically.

5. Go to “playlist” in the menu and you will see the entire channel list.

Option 2

1. Download VLC – & gt; https://www.videolan.org/vlc/

2. Install.

3. Open VLC – & gt; MEDIA – & gt; Open network stream.

4. Paste m3u The link there that you received by email.

5. Press Play / start. READY! If you follow everything correctly, you should be able to watch TV. (Wait a while after pressing PLAY, it may take a few seconds BEFORE the stream starts, up to 30 seconds ..)

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